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"Girls in love"
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Rebecca Long
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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Commissions Chart and Information!

:star: Please check my "Art Status" box on my profile across from my comments for availability! :star:

Hi! You can call me Bee! (。・`ω´・。) I'm 24 years old, living in the northwest US with my family. I'm a primarily self taught aspiring comic artist, but my projects are many, and I still have plenty I'd love to learn. I take all constructive criticism into consideration and greatly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on my work, given you're not a big dickbutt about it. Don't be a dickbutt!

My gallery is primarily original characters and projects, magical girls, and the occasional group of fan-characters. I am pretty darn gay, apart of the QUILTBAG community and a lot of my works have LGBTQIA* themes. My gallery is a safe-space, and I am body, identity, orientation, and disability positive. Please go elsewhere if this is not something you agree with as I have a no-tolerance policy for shaming of any kind.

I'm happy to answer any questions, so please don't hesitate to drop me one if you have anything to say! I read all my comments and do my best to reply to all of them even if I'm the slowest slowpoke ever! Thank you for browsing my page and/or gallery, for any favorites, watches, or comments!
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You can find me on my personal tumblr at Moths by Moonlight
my art-only tumblog is Bees in Sunlight
or my catchall main account Big Fat Beckoning Cat!

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Please do not use my artwork in any way
without asking permission from me first! Thank you.

frequently asked questions


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Project Status

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 5, 2011, 7:01 PM

Last Updated: June 20th, 2014

:iconrainbowsparklesplz: Commission Information! :iconrainbowsparklesplz:


:bulletblack: Picture This.
Original | Collaboration with Tyshea | 16+ | Dramedy, Romance, LGBTQIA*
Status: Active | My PT Gallery | PT Favorites | Tyshea's PT Gallery | PT-PictureThis
Synopsis:  A collection of short stories/one-shots about the lives of a group of girl x girl couples, and the trials they overcome together and within themselves.

:bulletyellow::bulletblue:Arc 1: Sam&Sara
--- Conceptualizing plot, scripting, storyboarding, pages

"A 'punk-meets-prep', 'jock-and-nerd' kind of story. Worlds collide. About what it means to be honest, and being yourself.
Tags: angst, introspective, drama, high-school romance, sexuality&love
Trigger Warnings: sexual abuse, drug abuse

--Act 1: Day--

- Chapter 1: "Sam"
- Chapter 2: "Sam&Mallory"
- Chapter 3: "Sara&Tammy"
- Chapter 4: "Sam&Melissa"

--Act 2: Night--

- Chapter 5: "Sara&Blaire"
- Chapter 6: "Sam&Jayden"
- Chapter 7: "Sara&Gwen"
- Chapter 8: "Sara"

--Act 3: Eclipse--

- Chapter 9: "Sam&Sara"
- Chapter 10: "Saṃsāra"

Status: Active


:bulletgreen::bulletblue: Arc 2: Jay&Jess
--- Conceptualizing plot, characters
A childhood love story about realizing you always had love where you least expected it.
Tags: humor, past-present flashbacks, drama, comedy, high-school romance, sexuality&gender, masculinity

:bulletpurple::bulletred: Arc 3: Stella&Gale
--- Conceptualizing plot, characters
A sensual story that explores what it means to be a girl, and what drives you to change yourself and your body.
Tags: college romance, sex, body image, trans isses, sexuality&gender, femininity

:bulletpink::bulletorange: Arc 4: Mona&Su-Mi
--- Conceptualizing plot, characters
A story of loving and understanding yourself before you can fully give yourself to someone else.
Tags: drama, college romance, sex, sexuality, body image/self esteem, polyamory


:bulletblack: Other stories/projects I toggle between.

* = Title may be subject to change. All stories have a default Genre of LGBTQIA and a default warning for profanity/cursing.
*** PT: Sam&Sara is our only comic at this time. Everything else is developed at our leisure. ***
:bulletgreen: (Active) | :bulletyellow: (Sporadic) | :bulletred: (Inactive)

:bulletgreen: Solaris.
Original | Collab with Tyshea | 16+ | Romance, Scifi, Cyberpunk, Action
My Solaris Gallery | Ty's Solaris Gallery
Synopsis:  Rilu and Atka are a notorious duo commonly commissioned for odd jobs and illegal trade in the underground. On a dangerous heist, they get involved with the world of human trafficking and piss off a black market tycoon and her small army of manufactured assassins.
Caught between the crossfire of the artificial-human industry and a liberation group, a love affair blossoms between the trouble-maker Rilu and the silent assassin Kye.
Formerly known as an Avatar: The Last Airbender fanstory, Chasing The Sun. See that work here and here.
Trigger Warnings: mature themes, sexual situations, implications of sexual abuse, drug abuse, violence, moderate gore, emotional abuse

:bulletgreen: Forecasters.
Original | 13+ | Magical Girl, Friendship, Romance, High School, Dramedy
Synopsis: Strange weather patterns have suddenly befallen the bustling hometown of Binh, an introverted high school wallflower. She happens upon a seemingly lost little duckling who takes a shine to her, and apparently, so do the forces of nature.

:bulletyellow: White Outlines.
Original / Collab'd Branch | Collab with Tyshea | 16+ | Romance, High School, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Dramedy
Synopsis: White Outlines is about lives of students at WormWood High; a school for the supernatural. It's about the "normal", mundane, day-to-day ongoings of the strangest species of students, from aliens to zombies.
The Wormwood universe belongs to Tyshea; This is my branch within her universe.

:bulletyellow: Starless.
Original | 16+ | Magical Girl, Scifi, Friendship, Romance
Temp Synopsis: A whole bunch of kids get selected to aide in an alien dispute that crash-lands on earth.
:bulletyellow: *Book Keepers.
Original | Collaborated with Tyshea | 16+ | Magical Girl, Dramedy; Every genre. Literally.
Temp Synopsis: Magical college age girls with the power of literature!

:bulletred: Sleep Tight.
Original | 16+ | Mystery, Thriller/Suspense, Supernatural, some Horror
Temp Synopsis: A skittish little girl befriends the boogey-child under her bed. Rules get broken.

:bulletred: Anathema.
Original | 16+ | Fantasy, Mythological, Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Temp Synopsis: An ongoing feud between good birds and bad birds.


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