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Bee's Commission Chart (May 2014) by Ai-Bee Bee's Commission Chart (May 2014) by Ai-Bee
Please read everything before commenting or placing an order.
Please send orders to me via DA notes, not here in the comments section.
I reserve the right to turn down any commission request at my discretion!

I have an "available slots" custom box on my profile page across from my profile comments section which will be updated regularly!


DA Stamp - Commissions 007 by tppgraphics

Please check my profile page commission status box for slots!



:bulletgreen: Yes, you can combine one type of commission with another! For example, a Gijinka of a pokemon with it's pokemon counterpart, or a Pony with a humanized version of themselves in any of the styles offered above. Please leave a comment for a price quote!
:bulletgreen: Additional characters are half the base price. Another example; Base price for a pony is 18 dollars, so up to four additional ponies in the same drawing would be 9 dollars each.
:bulletgreen: Maximum characters per order is currently five total. If you'd like to have more than that, please message me for availability and prices! (It'll most likely to count as a second order after five characters.) It'll probably take longer to complete as well, please keep that in mind!
:bulletgreen: My commissions are for non-commercial, personal use only. Please do not use them for anything that would make money off them. I'd also prefer it if you didn't repost my commissioned work without telling me first; Credits must not be removed from my work under any circumstance. Please tell me if you or another artist plan on coloring a sketch you commissioned from me. I'm generally cool with all of these things granted that you tell me upfront.
:bulletgreen: I pick traditional (sketched on paper) or digitally (in SAI) sketches on a whim. Both have a pencil-sketch aesthetic but if you'd prefer one over the other, please just let me know when you order! (for reference: the upper right sample of the guy with horse ears on the commission sheet is a digital sketch, the others are traditional/on paper)

Prices (ascending)______________
Portrait: Sketch: 10.00 $ | Flats: 15.00 $ | Fullcolor: 20.00 $
Mini Chibi: Sketch: 12.00 $ | Flats: 18.00 $ | Fullcolor: 25.00 $
Chibi: Sketch: 15.00 $ | Flats: 25.00 $ | Fullcolor: 35.00 $
Halfbody: Sketch: 20.00 $ | Flats: 30.00 $ | Fullcolor: 40.00 $
Fullbody: Sketch: 25.00 $ | Flats: 35.00 $ | Fullcolor: 50.00 $

Additional styles:
Pokemon: Color only! Starts at 6.00 $ and up, based on the size and detail of the pokemon. If you want to include your trainer, note me or comment below to get a price quote! It depends on what style you want the trainer in (Chibi, Halfbody, colored or not, etc)
Animal Crossing: Color only! - 10.00 $
Ponies: Color only! - 18.00 $
---> Ponies of any gender identity are welcome (just specify if you want a foal, mare, colt, older alicorn, etc. I can also vary weight or muscle on any part of the character if you'd like.) Species other than unicorn/pegasus/earth/flutter are welcome. Made up species/custom style ponies are welcome.

What I'll draw________________

:bulletgreen: OK:
-Couples of any orientation and gender identities of any kind!!!
-Any age bracket or disability is welcome, just keep in mind I might take a bit longer with elderly people or things like wheelchairs!
-Fan characters or fanart!
-Designing characters from a description/outfits or uniforms
-PG-13 themes; Mild couply things; Mild blood/gore
-Anthro or "nekomimi" characters! If they are more animal than human ask me first. I don't draw them often myself but I'm okay with fursonas and the like.
-I'm not too well-versed in drawing all animals, but please feel free to ask!
-Armor, weaponry, and backgrounds; I charge an additional fee for it depending on complexity. Please ask! Simple backgrounds only.

:bulletred: NOT OK:
-Fetish art. Feel free to inquire on my boundaries here.
- Sexual content that would probably get deleted off dA anyway
- Extreme gore / violence / triggerworthy content
- Automobiles or heavy machinery
- A real person OR your OC x a canon fictional character as a pairing. Not doing it, sorry!

Payment and Order Form___________

- Paypal is highly preferred. If you'd like to discuss other options please note me.
- I do not accept points, I'm sorry!

Order Form:
(Fill this out with your order and send it to me via note! Please double check your prices. Please delete the text in parenthesis, those are just examples!)

Username and paypal email: (the email you'll be sending your payment through so I know who's who!)
Order type: (include number of characters, medium, and style you'd like. Examples: "1 Fullbody fullcolor" "1 Sketch Mini Chibi" "2 Flat Halfbodies" "3 ponies")
References: (drawings or written descriptions are great! I encourage you to tell me a bit about their personalities!)
Expression/mood/pose requests: (If you have any!)
Total: (total price, I'll double check for you before confirming)

Feel free to write anything else you'd like me to know after that, if it's a secret gift or anything like that. :love:

My Ordering Process___________
1. You send in your order request- If I have any inquiries I'll reply with them, otherwise when I accept and add you to the slots list and start your commission!
2. I send you a low-res work in progress sketch of your commission. If you'd like anything added or changed, you let me know here. If you like it the way it is, I will finalize the sketch or scan it for the digital part if applicable.
3. I will then give you my paypal email address and you send your payment. Please select "Services" in the purchase tab when sending your money to me, and please fill out the "Email to recipient" section with your deviantart username in the subject line. You don't have to pay the paypal fee, but I heartily appreciate those who do!
EDIT: Paypal's layout changed. Please select "Send money to friends and family" for the time being because goods and services requires an address but I'm not shipping anything. Read more about this here! Please do fill out the note space telling me who you are and what you ordered!
4. When I've confirmed your payment, I finish it up and send you a high resolution of it via note! Most of my commissions are also posted on DA- either standalone for large pieces or in bulk for smaller ones. I'll try to link you whenever they are posted!
If your commission is getting digital color, I will send extra wips of my progress while you wait and typically ask if there are any color corrections if need be. :)

Commission - Black Swan by Ai-BeeComm - Fullbodies Batch 1 by Ai-Bee Comm - xEternalSorrow by Ai-Bee Comm - Tyshea Poke!Solaris by Ai-Bee Comm -  Chibi Batch 1 by Ai-Bee

Pokemon samples | Animal crossing samples

More samples of my work in my gallery, please check it out!

If you have any questions that I didn't answer here or in the chart above please feel free to leave a comment! :faint:
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YamiLess Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
wWuld you mind if i use your order form if/when i do commisions? it looks really practical.
Ai-Bee Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wouldn't mind at all! :) Feel free to tweak it as needed too of course, but I've found this set-up really useful so far! <3
YamiLess Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thank you beeee
Sakarra Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Student General Artist
This is probably a stupid question but if i was to get a commission sketch would it be in like psd (photoshop doc)?
Ai-Bee Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, it would be a png image. :nod:
Kanami-Ryuu Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
why did I miss this when it went up?! T.T
Demon-Play Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Student General Artist
Next time when your commissions are open, I would love to get some art work from you. On a couple, I given up trying to draw myself but did not fail to write more for. I will be completely willing to give a little more then the prices you have set. ^_^ -Holds up a hand for a high five-
Ai-Bee Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:highfive: shucks, thank you! I-it's not necessary but tips are always infinitely appreciated blargh :blush:
I've got an open slot if you'd like it?
Mai-Lynn Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
;A; I will get a slot! *vows*
Ai-Bee Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have an open slot, would you like it? It's okay if you can't right now, just thought I'd offer! I'm sure there will be other openings in the future too. :nod:
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