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November 20, 2013
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PT - Happy Birthday, Jess 2013 by Ai-Bee PT - Happy Birthday, Jess 2013 by Ai-Bee
Picture This
By *Tyshea and *Ai-Bee
A collection of short stories about love between girls. Jay&Jess is the second of the four arcs.
Visit the PT progress Tumblr here!


A day fashionably late, but Happy Birthday, Jess! My little trouble-making Scorpio. ;P
So adhering to what seems to be a pattern this year with birthday art, we had a plot-bunny for Jess's everything. Along with her recent haircut (which seems to be getting shorter and more defined every time I draw it, yay!) Ty and I had a pretty great idea for fleshing out her parents. (Which I regret to say I haven't drawn yet...)

They still need names, but- Her Dad is a European Spaniard that came to New York for business as a lawyer, which eventually relocates him to Texas, where he meets Mom, a fiery African American basketball coach. They end up having Jess there, but have to return to NY when she's about to enter high-school, making Jess leave her Texas lifestyle- and Jay- behind.

So yes!! Jess is Afro-Spanish! :dance: I finally got around to undoing the whitewashing she's suffered quite a bit since her conception, ahaha;; So I went back around into her past to  sort of re-visualize her growing up. It was much needed, imho. I didn't make this into an Age Meme, however, because she may still indeed grow and her features/etc may stabilize even more by the time we get to doing age memes for JayJess.

Age 6: She's pretty bright and sort of a crime-stopper, and tends to be really blunt. (Childish honesty coupled with her daddy's nack for law) She stands up for Jay (who is bullied a lot) without a second thought. They also share a name, so the nicknames Jess and Jay are born here, and ultimately how they meet.

Age 10: A couple years of becoming steadfast friends with Jay started to shape her into a rough and tumble tomboy, but between the two of them, Jess is far more subtle and composed, with a bit of a leader presence. She's kind of the cool kid on campus.

Age 14: Moved away before the look you see here (at about 12-13), she's thrust into the NY lifestyle and learns really fast she needs to drop all of her southern quirks and poor temper if she wants to be cool and fit in. As she starts to streamline her look (Joins swimming instead of BBall, cuts off her hair and starts to flat iron it ahah) she becomes more popular and promptly falls into the dating scene. Drama and wacky hi-jinks ensue.

Age 18: End result of four years of being a popular trendy heart-throb. Essentially dropped all of her rough-n-tumble nature to be a cool, calm lady-killer and never intends to go back.... or so she thinks.

Done in SAI, text in potatoshop 7~

In other news, Ty is visiting on Friday for Thanksgiving week. Oh boy, thankful doesn't even begin to cut it. /lays on side

Thank you for the comments, favorites, and watches! :love:

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scarletsp33dster Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
Damn son
New lady crush
Ai-Bee Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
4234equinox Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
This girl, while well drawn, is almost exactly like my friend. Only difference is my friend's name is Logan 'Sync' Malson, she's actually a he (and strait), has short black hair, and gets almost no girls cuz he's so shy. He even plays basketball, which makes this even more weird! I like this piece regardless mainly because of the styling and how good you made her look but that's still freaky. O_o
DREAMLESSpoptarts Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
/ u \ 
i am sooo glad i stumbled upon your page , you are DEF my favorite artist. *hughug* > . <
Ai-Bee Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww omgosh thank you very much! I'm so flattered argh :tighthug: :heart:!
DREAMLESSpoptarts Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
yes yes yes! <3
IcEsCissORs Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love it...had a beautiful story to it <3
I love the colors and her outfit when she's 18
Ai-Bee Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much! I'm so happy you think so! :love: :heart:
IcEsCissORs Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're welcome dear
RockRevy231 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Im telling you right now, if this was a yuri anime I would totally watch the crap out of it. And then demand more from you. Love the style hope to see more from ya :D
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